I'm a Software Developer and general Problem Solver, currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland and working (remotely) for ShareLaTeX.

I use code to build products and weird side-projects.

## Skills



## Projects

Hammer: A rate-limiter for Elixir, with pluggable storage backends.

BedquiltDB: A mongo-inspired docstore built on PostgreSQL

+bookmarks: A firefox extension for bookmarking via email.

Sneeze: Render Elixir data-structures to HTML.

Directing Mind: "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius, in web-app form.

MPG: Sane PostgreSQL/JDBC integration for Clojure.

Nightchamber: A slow-web social site.

Use the Unix, Tim: A series of articles on using Unixy tools to make your life easier.

Jetcan: A snippet-saving app in Clojure and AngularJS.

Manuel: A grunt-inspired task-runner for bash.

(more on Github)

## Work

## Education

Msc Software Technology with Network Management:
Robert Gordon University Aberdeen (2012)

BEng Audio and Video Technology:
Limerick Institute of Technology (2007)

## Links

Twitter: @shanekilkelly

Blog: blog.00null.net

LinkedIn: Shane Kilkelly

OOnull: 00null.net

## Contact

Email: shane@kilkelly.me